Anti Fraud Policy

To keep users’ data safe and to provide better service, 4rabet offcial website has an anti-fraud policy in place. We use the latest technology and upgraded software to detect illegal operations and illegal activities. All our actions are carried out under the prescribed Terms and Conditions of the company, as well as to protect the interests of customers.

You should also remember that your account is for personal use only and cannot be used by third parties or for illegal activities. Thus, fraud is unacceptable on the online platform and we do our best to fight it.

4rabet betting company special software is used to detect illegal transactions and illegal activities

Unacceptable Actions on 4rabet

By 4rabet anti-fraud, conspiracy, and illegal activity terms and conditions, certain user activities are unacceptable and constitute a material breach:

If any of these items or other malicious activity is detected, we will take the necessary steps to exclude you and identify the participants in the scam. In addition, if you have accurate information that someone is participating in illegal activity, it is worth notifying us immediately by email.

User Agreement 

To ensure the security of the platform as well as user data, you must ensure, acknowledge and agree that:

It is also important to note that we are not responsible for technological failures, virus attacks, and malicious material that may be used by fraudulent groups for their benefit.