Download and Install the 4rabet PC App for Desktop in Bangladesh

There are different ways to run the 4rabet platform for Bangladeshi players: via PC or mobile browser, the mobile app, or the app for Windows and macOS.

The 4rabet app for PC gives an opportunity to use it to the fullest, and it does not require much time and effort to download and install on the device.

Download and Install the 4rabet App for Desktop in Bangladesh

System Requirements for the Desktop App

In order to run the 4rabet on a PC, the user should know the basic characteristics of the app to download and install it successfully.

The app latest version1.1
Size of the APK file6 Mb
Purpose of the appOpportunity to bet on sports events and online casino
PriceFree of charge
DescriptionAbility to replenish deposits, bet on sports and casino, check ratios, read sports news and reviews, and more
Key system requirements for the 4rabet desktop application

How to Download a 4rabet App on PC

4rabet doesn’t have a separate app for PC, but still it can be downloaded and installed on the user’s computer. The mechanism of downloading the 4rabet app on PC doesn’t need much time and can be easily done if to keep to the next guiding instruction:

  1. Launch the 4rabet website;
  2. There are 2 options how to get the APK file to the computer, as the mobile version of the browser needs to be used for this: either download 4rabet apk on the mobile gadget, and then shift it to the computer, or in the browser settings, change the settings of the browser display of the site using the F12 key and then using the Ctrl-Shift-M combination;
  3. Tap on the icon of Android or macOS in the header of the page and receive the file;
  4. Save the file on the computer.

Now, the APK file of 4rabet is on the PC and needs to be installed in order to run the gambling service.

You can download the 4rabet app for PC in two ways

4rabet PC App Installation Process for Windows

The 4rabet app was created to run on mobile devices, but there is a solution for how to install the app on the PC. The user needs to install the special emulator (BlueStacks, for example) that provides the opportunity to run the mobile software on the PC. 

The user can keep to the guide that explains how to install the gambling app for Windows:

  1. First, the user needs to install BlueStacks software that modulates a phone gadget on a PC (any other emulator can be also used);
  2. When the emulator is installed, the user needs to launch it;
  3. Drag the 4rabet file that has been downloaded earlier to the BlueStacks to begin installing it;
  4. Follow the appearing instructions that will help to finish the installation;
  5. After installing, the 4rabet app is able to be used. 

However, the user should not forget to launch BlueStacks when he wants to run the app.

4rabet for Windows is installed using an emulator

How to Install Program on MacOS

The mechanism of installing the 4rabet app to Mac is absolutely identical as installing it on Windows. As the application was created for smartphones, the user needs to exploit the emulator that modulates mobile software on the computer. 

So, here is a guiding explanation of how to install the app on MacOS:

  1. The BlueStacks program (or any other emulator) should be installed on Mac first;
  2. After the emulator has been installed, enter the program;
  3. In order to begin the 4rabet installation, drag the previously downloaded APK file to the emulator;
  4. The guidance for installing will appear one by one, so the user needs to follow them to complete the installation process;
  5. When the installation is completed, the user can run the 4rabet app.

The Bluestacks or any other installed emulator should be launched while running the 4rabet app on Mac.

To install the 4rabet app on the macOS, you need to use the emulator

4rabet Website vs Desktop Program

All versions of the 4rabet app are almost identical, but there are some negligible distinctions that the customer should know when he comes to a decision on how to play at the bookmaker platform.

The official website is the most satisfying option for gambling online. So, the new gamers can easily use it due to its smooth design and accessible functionality with lots of bonuses, games, and useful information. The major advantage of the website version is that it doesn’t need downloading and installing, it can be used directly through the browser, so it saves up PC memory.

The desktop software gives to its users more anonymity than the web version. Running the 4rabet app, the bettors don’t need to clear cookies or browser history. Also, the user doesn’t need to log in every time he wants to spend time at the bookmaker platform, as the app saves the login information and keeps it logged in until the user decides to log out.

The web version has a range of advantages over the 4rabet app for PC

Promo Codes for Computer Players

All players while registering at 4rabet for the first time can have an exclusive XXX promo code, which can be used for placing bets on sports and esports and playing online casino games. The promo code offer, as the welcome bonus, can be used only once at the moment of registering and increases only the first deposit. All the major information about the promo code is listed in the chart below. 

Promo codes for 4rabet players on computer provide an extra bonus
CategoryPromo codeBonus with promocode
SportsXXX600% up to 60,000 BDT
eSportsXXX600% up to 60,000 BDT
CasinoXXX700% up to 90,000 BDT

Popular Questions About 4rabet PC Program

Does the 4rabet app for PC differ from the mobile version?

Both variations of the app are equal and absolutely accurate copies of the official website with the highest level of functionality.

Is it free of charge to get 4rabet PC software?

Yes, all 4rabet variations can be downloaded, installed, and used free of charge.

How Can I Save My Login Details for Later PC Automatic Authorization?

Once the user logs in to the app, the login details will be saved and kept logged in until the user decides to log out.