4rabet Affiliate Program for Partners in Bangladesh

4rabet Affiliate is an exclusive program that gives chances to its partners to earn money by encouraging new bettors to the bookmaker service.

It is a very rewarding market, which doesn’t take much time, so the partners can easily refer and receive income from the betting company.

Get Revenue with 4rabet Affiliate Marketing in Bangladesh

How to Earn Money with 4rabet Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is the only way to collaborate with the betting service, which is a great opportunity for not only having fun but also for gaining profit. It isn’t complicated to find out how to earn money at 4rabet not only from placing bets. The gaming service enlarges the user’s 4rabet revenue every time when a new person clicks on the link to sign up for the bookmaker. In order to join a 4rabet affiliate marketing partnership and get such a link, the user needs to sign up at the 4rabet Affiliate official website. Then, the user gets access to the website with all of the benefits of an affiliate partnership. For the 4rabet partner an exclusive link will be created, so he can start encouraging new gamblers to the bookmaker to achieve earning. The bettors, who came to 4rabet by the partner’s link, sign up and start making bets, and the partners gain their commission. There is a spreadsheet with detailed statistics, where the partner can monitor the traffic of the invited gamblers, their first deposits, bets, wins and withdrawals, and the amount of the 4rabet revenue money. 

The partner can put into action his social media or email to attract new bettors, as the gain depends on the number of players who were invited and signed up for the bookmaker.

4rabet bookie gives everyone the opportunity to make money without betting just by attracting new customers

Possibilities and Requirements for 4rabet Partners 

There is a certain algorithm that manages the system of stable revenues at the affiliate program. The 4rabet partners have the following list of possibilities and requirements, so, they know how to earn from 4rabet:

  1. The user can earn revenue of 1,300 BDT  time when a new referral bettor places the first deposit of at least 350 BDT. This bonus is given one time for one new bettor;
  2. When a new referral gambler makes bets at 4rabet, and if he loses some amount, you get a 30% percentage of this loss. So, if a player loses 1000 BDT, you get 300 BDT from it;
  3. However, there is an opposite side. If a referral bettor wins, you lose the same 30% percentage. So, if a gambler wins 1000 BDT, you lose 300 BDT;
  4. The users can get the affiliate income if the new referral players make bets on classic and virtual sports and e-sports events, as the sportsbook of the platform is really impressive and has a wide range to select from. Also, you can easily fascinate casino and gaming fans, as the variety of casino games will impress the most exacting gamers.

It should be noticed that if the partner shows stable results and permanently brings many referral bettors to the gambling platform, the gain can enlarge up to 50%.

Possibilities and main requirements for 4rabet partners from Bangladesh

Banking Options for Withdrawing Money from an Affiliate Account

The 4rabet affiliate program serves secure and fast payment options for withdrawing money. Transactions can be made as fast as possible, and the users should be sure that their private information is secured. You are able to choose the currency and the wallet that will be the most convenient for withdrawals. Nowadays, withdrawals can be made only in 3 currencies USD, EUR, INR to various wallets without any fees and commissions.  

Withdrawal SystemMinimum DepositMaximum DepositCommission
Tether (USDT)100 USD10,000,000 USDNo fee
BTC100 USD2500 USDNo fee
WebMoney100 USD1,000,000 USDNo fee
Pay TM1000 INR100,000 INRNo fee
IMPS3000 INR200,000 INRNo fee
Banking options for withdrawing money from an affiliate account in Bangladesh

Benefits of the 4rabet Referral Program

The partners of the affiliate program can refer and earn from 4rabet Bangladesh by creating the traffic of new gamblers to the gaming service. There are various benefits that the users can receive while taking part in the referral program:

  • The partner gets a bonus every time when a new referral user places the first deposit; 
  • The partner receives 30% of the referral gamer’s lost bet amount, the percentage may enlarge in case the flow on new players will be permanent and continuous;
  • Detailed statistics of all referral activities that give an opportunity to check the 4rabet revenue; 
  • Numerous ways to withdraw money without delays and fees; 
  • 24/7 customer support service, that is always ready to answer any issues.
Key benefits of the 4rabet referral program for partners from Bangladesh

How to Become a 4rabet Partner

Every user of the bookmaker can become a partner in the affiliate program. Here are the instructions on how to sign up for the partnership:

  1. Open the official 4rabet website;
  2. Scroll down till the end of the home page. In the left bottom angle, there is a button ‘Affiliate program’, which will move to the website for partnership;  
  3. Click on ‘Registration’ at the right upper angle of the site;
  4. In order to register, the user needs to fill in the required fields: e-mail, password, and Telegram account; 
  5. Once signing up is done, the user will be able to start encouraging new players to the gambling website.
To become a partner of the 4rabet bookie you need to perform a few simple steps

Popular Questions

How can I refer to 4rabet?

The users don’t have to refer to 4rabet especially, as every player can join the affiliate partnership program, performing the steps listed above.

Is It Legally in Bangladesh to Be a 4rabet Partner?

Yes. 4rabet is a legal betting platform with a Curacao license. So, Bangladesh users may be ensured to become our partners under the provided conditions.

How Much Can Affiliate Partners Earn from 4rabet?

There are no limits on profit for our partners. The income fully depends on the work of the partner: the more people come on the betting platform through 4rabet affiliate marketing, the more money the partner will get. The tab with statistics helps to observe the flow of the new referral users.